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October 28, 2011Posted by Someone


Vardenafil is made use of to treat sexual function issues in males (impotence).

You could be suggested from 5 to 20 mg of the energetic component Levitra has, relying on your health and wellness problem and different risk aspects.

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October 20, 2011Posted by Someone


Not everyone can take Levitra and make love - there are a number of contraindications associated to your health and wellness problem and some drugs you are taking currently.


October 10, 2011Posted by Someone


You ought to see such moderate adverse effects of Vardenafil as stuffy nose, back pain, heat in your face or upper body, runny nose, headache, redness in the face or neck, lightheadedness or upset tummy to make certain they vanish, while reporting any type of significant negative side effects like uneven heart beat, priapism, heavy sensation, chest discomfort, sweating, lack of breath or ringing in your ears without delay.